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TSA Luggage Locks (2 Pack)

4 Digit Combination Steel Padlocks - Approved Travel Lock for Suitcases & Baggage

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TSA Luggage Locks
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Additional Features

- Solid construction of high quality zinc alloy and plated steel.

- Discourage the thief more than 3-digit locks which often can be cracked within 10 minutes.

- Easily spot your luggage at the baggage claim area thanks to the locks vibrant color.

Not Only Limited To Travel

The TSA Locks can also be used for anything that a padlock could be used for, such as: Smaller lockers & cabinets, cases & bags, chains, hasps and more.

Inside Package:

➤ 2 TSA Luggage Locks. Size: 3" x 1.2" x 0.6". Weight: 2.6 oz. Material: Zinc Alloy & Plated Steel.

We Provide:

✓ 60 Top Quality Guarantee

✓ 3 Year Warranty

How does the Top Quality Guarantee Work?

If you are not 100% satisfied with the quality of the product within 60 days, simply reply to the shipping email that you will have received from us and let us know about the issue. We will assist you within one day.

Price: $29.99$14.99

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